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The iPhone 15 isn't supposed to make a big appearance until September 2023, however there's as of now been a fair number of bits of gossip and breaks for the following iPhones.

For instance, it looks like Apple will at long last hug USB-C charging and ditch the Lightning port. What's more, we might see a completely new model named the iPhone 15 Ultra, which could take the iPhone Expert series to a higher level with a very sturdy titanium plan. Obviously, we shouldn't disregard the iPhone 15 Expert, by the same token.

It likewise looks like Apple will keep an exceptionally enormous split between the customary and Star models, as just the iPhone 15 Master series is tipped to get another periscope long range focal point.

iPhone 15 potential delivery date

Of all the early iPhone 15 reports, this is the most permanently established. Somewhat recently, Apple has just declared its new leader cell phones beyond September once: October 2020, in the midst of a once-in-a-age pandemic that required stay-at-home requests and disturbed tech supply chains.

Thusly, almost certainly, the iPhone 15 will show up in September 2023. Commonly Apple declares its telephones around ten days before they're delivered, with pre-orders opening seven days in front of go-time.

iPhone 15 price speculation

With the iPhone 14, there was solid hypothesis that we would see a 15% cost increment, however this ended up being erroneous — on the off chance that you live in the US. Different locales saw a significant increment, however in the US the main change in evaluating was the disposal of the least expensive 'smaller than expected' model.

That implies that costs right now go from $799 for the 128GB passage level iPhone 14 as far as possible up to $1,599 for the 1TB iPhone 14 Star Max. We would expect something almost identical this time around, however it's not too difficult to imagine that the iPhone 15 will see the cost rise that the US passed up in 2022. Provided that this is true, expect an increment of $100 or somewhere in the vicinity.

No less than one leaker anticipates that Apple's top of the line iPhone should see a possibly enormous cost climb over its iPhone 14 ancestor. LeaksApplePro says an increment of $100 to $200 could occur for the iPhone 15 Ultra, which could put that model's reach somewhere in the range of $1,199 and $1,299

iPhone 15 possible models


This year, Apple killed the iPhone small, and presented the iPhone 14 Or more all things considered. That worked on the decision: regardless of whether you needed to go Ace, you could get either a 6.1-or 6.7-inch screen.

Almost certainly, this will go on into the following year. It was clear inside the space of months that the iPhone 12 smaller than usual was not selling great, yet Apple needed to endure with the iPhone 13 scaled down since plans were fixed and couldn't be changed.

That really intends that in the far-fetched occasion that the iPhone 14 Or more bombs, we will presumably still see the following year's arrangement mirroring the current year's: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Or more, iPhone 15 Ace and iPhone 15 Master Max. A new TrendForce report utilized these names to feature anticipated iPhone 15 highlights, so keeping similar naming shows appears to be a genuine chance.

Yet, there could be one expansion to this rundown — an iPhone 15 Ultra. Solid insider, Imprint Gurman as of late tweeted(opens in new tab) that after the Apple Watch Ultra that was sent off this year, we could "anticipate" the variation for iPhones later on — something he later emphasized in his bulletin. Could this mean a totally new iPhone 15 Ultra? Or on the other hand will the Ace Max absolutely get rebranded as the Ultra? We should see.

iPhone 15 design rumors

The greatest iPhone 15 plan talk so far is that 2023 is the year when Apple at long last leaves the Lightning port on its telephones. This isn't entirely is business as usual: not just has the organization taken on the association for its PCs and tablets, yet the European Association has authoritatively ordered that all telephones should utilize USB-C by 2024.

While Apple could keep the Lightning port somewhere else on the planet, it would add intricacy and cost for no genuine increase.

While gossipy tidbits about a portless iPhone persevere, the expert Ming-Chi Kuo figures that it's USB-C for at any rate a portion of Apple's handsets. On the off chance that a portless one comes one year from now, our speculation is it very well may be an Ace component. Mark Gurman likewise detailed that the iPhone 15 will have UCB-C, and that a portless model will show up sooner or later — he simply didn't indicate when.

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