About us information

Hello visitors, let me introduce the About me information firstly.

My name is Neha and I am a housewife(homemaker). I belong to Delhi. In 2016 I have done my diploma in Computer science Engineering from Govt. polytechnic college Dwarahat(Almora).

About us information

I have made my website (web blog) with the inspiration of  Mr. Aditya Raana, who has made the “we make bloggers.com” website for blogging learners.

I feel more comfortable with English writing blogs, but I wish to include Hindi blogs in my website also.

The niche of webblog is “Lifestyle”. It reflects the life of the people. This includes mental and physical hygiene, and the way of people work. It is most important for people to follow a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, a healthy lifestyle has a very positive effect on our life. So our diet should be good, and our attitude is also very important for everyone to stay positive.

Importance of a healthy lifestyle

In addition, Just as we eat and drink, so are our thoughts. Being happy and having a balanced diet is essential for a healthy life. Therefore, everyone’s lifestyle should be such that others are inspired by your personality.

Taking care of your health is necessary for a healthy life. To keep yourself fit and healthy, you should exercise daily, sleep well, or do not take the stress.

It is most important to take time out for yourself in your busy life. Always do good work and maintain a positive attitude towards other people as well. We can do self-improvement only by following a healthy lifestyle.

So Take a healthy diet. A balanced diet can protect us from many dangerous diseases. Include in your diet “Plenty of water”, and “nutritious vegetarian food”, “vegetables”, “fruits”, “milk”, etc.

In conclusion, I am a teacher and I want to become a successful blogger and want to utilize my knowledge to improve myself and other learners.