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Health is wealth in the Corona period

Health is wealth in the Corona period

Let’s read about the Health is wealth in the Corona period.

Health is a precious wealth of all of us. If any person is not physically and mentally fit, his life is troubled. Taking care of our health is most important for our better growth.  To do work properly in any field it is necessary to be healthy.

health is wealth in the Corona periodIn the period of the Corona pandemic, people are more aware of their health. Several people had lost their lives to victims of this pandemic. That’s why people are thinking to live better. Everyone is “wearing a mask”, and “hand washes”, and taking “social distancing” and “vaccination” yet.

In December 2019 this pandemic had viral from Wuhan of China. Gradually the whole world had been covered by it. Therefore, to protect oneself and other family members it is very important to properly take care of health.

Corona impact on health

Weak immunity: People are weaker during Corona because of the huge impact of many viral infections. Suffering due to Corona people are facing panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and several other physical and mental problems.

Depression: During the “lockdown” children and elders are too depressing. Kids can’t go out to play with their friends and travel. So, this is the main reason to raise the level of depression of people.

Panic in home isolation: Corona has totally changed the living of people. People are compelled to isolate themselves from their family members. As a result, they feel alone and panic more.

Insomnia: This is a serious problem to people’s health. In Corona time by the panic of this pandemic results in people are also facing the problems of insomnia. Taking proper rest to our body is necessary to be healthy.

Heart attack: After this pandemic, the cases of heart attacks are increasing. People suffering from corona are more prone to it due to low immunity. Mental stress is also responsible for panic attacks.

Impact of Corona on Economy

The whole world is suffering from the Coronavirus. Thus, almost 3% economy of the GDP was reduced due to this pandemic. It is still continuous in many countries, so the entire service industries, the factory has stopped working and manufacturing. During the lockdown, the street vendor’s life has totally disturbed by not their product sailing. People preferred online shopping as well, so online business has profited. Health problems are also increasing due to the impact of Corona. In India still, this is spreading rapidly due to the lack of awareness of people. During Corona, many people had lost their job and thousands of lives went in this pandemic.

What should we do to stay healthy and wealthy in the Corona time?

1. Healthy diet: To stay healthy always needs to take care of our food is very important. Especially in the Corona period where people are facing many physical and mental problems, it’s very urgent to eat well food.

2. Wearing a mask: Always must wear a mask to prevent many viral infections. It is also beneficial in air pollution. It protects our breathing from the dust particles present in the air. So, this is necessary for all to wear a mask regularly.

3. Take caring of physical hygiene: Our physical cleanliness reduces many diseases. Proper hand sanitizing,  social distancing is also a part of this. Also, take care of the cleanliness of homes and surroundings.

4. Exercise and doing yoga: Exercise keeps us fit and healthy so make a routine to do exercise regularly. By Meditation and yoga, we feel more relaxed and refreshing. It is also beneficial for our mental health.

5. Health checkup: After the Corona period there is also a need to properly check our health. People are facing many disorders like anxiety, panic, high blood pressure, heart attack, etc. So, a proper health check-up is essential for everyone.

6. Physical activity: People are becoming totally dependent on sitting jobs. Physical activities make us fit in weight. During the lockdown, all of us preferred the work from home. But, this affected our time management and our other physical routine. Keep always your body to be physically active.

7. Avoid oily and out food(Junk food): Well, in Corona time people are preferring to eat homemade food, that is good. We must avoid junk food which is not good for our health. It causes very serious diseases in the future. Oily food increases the level of cholesterol in our body which is responsible for heart attack and obesity.

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