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Importance of menstrual hygiene, health

Importance of menstrual hygiene and health

Introduction of menstrual hygiene

“Menstruation” is the hormonal change of women and girls, starting at the age of twelve or thirteen. It is generally known as the period, M.C(menstrual cycle), date, etc. It is the monthly vaginal bleeding process. This is responsible for conceiving a baby or being able to reproduce. In a period the blood passes from the women’s uterus for almost five days or sometimes for a week. It continues until the women menopause.  

importance of menstrual hygiene and healthIt is very important for every girl to be aware of menstrual hygiene. This includes Regular changing the pads(3 or 4 pads per day), proper eating a healthy diet, and understanding the mood swing situation.

Importance of cleanliness in menstruation

In menstruation, women have to face many types of problems due to lack of hygiene like rashes, vaginal swelling, irritation, and infection in the uterus. So, always take proper care of yourself in the menses.

1. Regular change your pads for reducing itching and wetness. Use four to five pads daily. Avoid using clothes pads in menses. It will help you to prevent many vaginal infections.

2. After every change of pads wash the vagina with lukewarm water. Don’t ignore your vaginal health. Ignoring vaginal hygiene can sometimes be responsible for infertility in the future.

3. Choose soft and comfortable undergarments (cotton) to wear. Cotton soaks sweat properly. Cotton is most comfortable in the summer season, to reduce vaginal itching.

Menstruation and women health

In menses, women feel physically weak and irritating. Therefore it is very important to maintain immunity and feel energetic to do any work. Due to lack of awareness many women and girls do not take this seriously, as a result, they have to trouble many problems in the future.

Let’s know some symptoms of menses and tips for staying healthy.

1. It is common for girls to have nervousness and abdominal pain during periods. Every mother should tell her daughters about the symptoms of menstruation.

2. Abdominal pain and muscles and cramps are common symptoms of periods. But there are also other symptoms like loose motion, back pain, fatigue, and irritability, headache, etc.

Tips for girls during menstruation

Period or menses is not an embarrassing thing. this is necessary for reproduction. It’s natural and women should proud to be themselves because they are the strongest in the world. All girls can have more or less blood flow. But if there is a lot of bleeding then a doctor should be consulted. It can cause anemia.

1. Take care of your diet. Weakness is felt in the body of women during menstruation. So eat healthy food rich in iron. Include green vegetables like spinach, and others in your diet.

2. Do not lift heavy things and avoid overwork. This causes heavy bleeding and increases your pain.

3. Avoid more spicy food and also avoid taking stress in your periods. Eat fruits like bananas, apples, pomegranates, oranges, etc.

4. Girls should not feel embarrassed and hesitant to tell their family members about any problem during periods.

5. Fomentation is useful to reduce menstruation pain. Similarly, drinking hot water provides relief in menstrual pain.

6. Vaginal cleanliness is also very important for women’s health.  Using clothes for soaking can cause uterus infections and other vaginal problems. Always use sanitary pads in menses.

I hope, you will like to read about the importance of menstrual hygiene.



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