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importance of trees for us in English

Importance of trees

Importance of treesThe importance of trees is a very concerning topic for everyone. Trees give us life.  On our earth, every living being is dependent on trees. We get “food”, “Shelter”, “medicine”, and “oxygen” and more from trees. We can’t imagine our life without trees. these are the real beauty of nature. Trees are very important for us, therefore we must aware of the conservation of jungles. Everybody should try to the “plantation” as an investment for the better future of ours and the next generation.

Importance of trees for human life

We can’t live without our basic needs like pure air (Oxygen) and food, fruits, and medicine. So, every people must aware of the importance of plants for every existence. The environment remains pure with trees. Trees absorb toxic gases and give pure air in form of our life’s breath. They control the pollution in the environment. For to remain our beauty of Green land it’s important to do plantation.

Trees also have special importance for the “ecosystem”. Jungles save the wild animals that are the base of ecosystems. It is also necessary to protect the trees to prevent soil erosion.

 Importance of trees for wildlife animals

1. Wild animals’ existence depends only on Trees and jungles.

2. They get shelter for every season from trees. And food, fruits for their lives.

3. Conservation of plants and trees is very essential for wildlife. Today almost all species are on the verge of extinction due to the destruction of the forest. 

4. The problem of “global warming” is increasing continuously due to the cutting of trees, which is a matter of concern for everyone’s life.

5.  Due to global warming, the temperature of the land also increases, due to which many animals and birds die.

6. Lack of trees and modernization increasing the harmful gases like carbon dioxide, CFC

, Ultra rays, etc.

7. The increment of earth temperature in the desert is also increasing due to the high temperature of the land. Along with this, there is a lot of damage due to excessive rain somewhere.

8. For tourism trees and wild animals play a significant role. Every people feel relaxed and joyful in presence of the trees.

9. Several serious diseases are generated due to the lack of trees or environmental pollution.

10. We use plants, herbs, and trees as medicine for us. Due to excessive exploitation of trees, natural resources are being depleted, which is disastrous for the whole world.

Why should we be aware of plantations and the conservation of trees?

There are many reasons for the plantation and protection of trees.

1. It is very essential for getting oxygen to live us.

2. For a pollution-free environment.

3. To protect other animals’ and birds’ life and their existence.

4. We get cool shadows from trees and the beauty of nature feel us happy.

5. plantation of trees is the main source of oxygen.

6. Important for absorption of harmful gases.

7. For reducing global warming and excess rain.

8. For expense in air conditioners and coolers. We will not need any kind of temperature cooling apparatus.

9. To get food and shelter for many birds and animals.

10. Trees control all types of pollutions like air pollution, water pollution, and many diseases.

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