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Medicinal plants in Uttarakhand

Medicinal plants in Uttarakhand

Common Medicinal plants in Uttarakhand and their uses:

medicinal plant- Gooseberry1. Gooseberry- It is a type of medicinal plant whose fruit is sour in taste. It is rich in Vitamin C. “Amla” or gooseberry is used for medicine. It is beneficial to strengthen our eyesight. It is also good for our digestion. Its “pickle” and “jam” are also made which is good for health. It is also used for making cosmetics items like shampoo, hair oil, cleansers, etc.

 Uses in Acidity, jaundice, eye disease, Sugar, skin diseases,  etc.

Medicinal plants : Aloe vera2. Aloe vera- Aloe Vera is a medicine grown as a plant. Aloe Vera has many benefits. Rubbing its pulp on the face removes dead skin. And being an antibiotic, it also gets rid of the problem of acne and pimples. Many diseases of the body are also eliminated by eating the pulp inside its leaves. Menstrual irregularities in women are also cured by its leaves consumption. The juice of aloe vera is also cured many infections in the blood.

Common uses-  cosmetics, moisturizer gel, skin infections, immunity booster, joint pain, etc.

Medicinal plant in Uttarakhand- Shatavari3. Shatavari

Shatavari is a thorny plant that is used as animal feed in mountainous areas. It has also many medicinal properties. It is a rich source of Iron. Its vegetable is also very beneficial for health. It is beneficial to consume it in case of physical weakness and lack of blood(anemia).

Its roots are also used as medicine. It cures serious diseases like leucorrhoea in women. Make a powder of its root and take it with milk, it cures vaginal discharge.

uses in – weight loss, insomnia, anemia, and etc.

Medicinal plants in Uttarakhand- turmeric4. Turmeric- It is used as a spice in every home. This plant is grown in abundance in Uttarakhand. It is used for coloring the food, and for curing many skin problems like boils pimples, and others. 

uses in – cooking, beauty products, skin diseases, joint pain,


blackberry jamun5. Blackberry- It is an evergreen tree. Its trees are about 1000 meters high. The fruits of blackberry are very delicious and healthy. Its fruits ripen in the rainy season. The bark and fruit of the Jamun tree and its kernels are used as medicine.

Uses in diabetes and high blood pressure.


Lichen6. Lichen

Lichen is a moss found on the bark of trees and stones. Its color has white, gray and black. It is made from “fungus”. It has many medicinal qualities. Applying its paste to skin irritation also provides relief. And, also increases fertility.

Other uses in pain killer medicines, medicine for skin burning.

Giloy7.  Giloy- It is a medicinal plant that is in the form of a vein. It has many medicinal advantages. Drinking its decoction provides relief in many stomach problems. Its leaves and stem are used as medicine. Its drink is can be used as an immunity booster.

Uses in migraine, fever, skin infections, urine infection, diabetes, etc.

8. Tulsi- It is also a medicinal plant and has many qualities. This plant also has special religious significance In India. People worship Tulsi, it also purifies the environment. The decoction of its leaves is beneficial in cold and flu.Tulsi

Other uses: Fever, irregular periods, wounds, skin glowing products, etc.

curry leaf9. Kari leaf- Usually it is used as a spice in cooking. Instead of this, it is antifungals and also can be used as medicine. It is a rich source of zinc and iron, calcium. This controls the sugar level and is used to cure diabetes.

Uses in Lever infection, control to cholesterol, antifungal, beneficial for morning sickness, etc.

reetha10. Reetha- Basically it is used as a hair cleanser and cures many hair problems. But it has also other benefits. Similarly, It relieves the pain of the headache or migraine. And, also can be used as dental toothpowder.

other uses – hair conditioning, urinary problems, piles, and useful for detoxification, etc.

In conclusion, I hope you will like to read about medicinal plants in Uttarakhand.


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