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Nuclear family advantages and disadvantages

Nuclear family advantages and disadvantages

Introduction of the nuclear family

Nuclear familyThe nuclear family is a part of a joint family. In easy words, we can say that a nuclear family is a limited family which included only parents and their one or two kids. In olden times people used to take good care of each other by living in a joint family. But today living in a joint family means more responsibility. So, people don’t want to engage with more members of their family.

In today’s time, most people like to be limited. And the trend of the nuclear family is increasing continuously.

Advantages of Nuclear family

1. Small family happy family

A nuclear family has fewer members, so their need is also less. In a nuclear family, basic necessities like ration, clothes, and space are arranged easily in comparison to a joint family. In a nuclear family, both husband and wife work to meet the needs of the family, which also reduces financial problems.

2. Equal division of work

Due to less number of members, every member also takes responsibility for the work.  Parents help each other equally with work. whereas, In a joint family, members try to impose more work on each other.

3. A Better arrangement of food for children

Having limited members makes proper arrangements for food and drink in the house. At the same time, most of the normal food is prepared in the joint family only. Apart from this, people prepare expensive food at home only on special occasions in a joint family.

4. Less family feud

Family discord is one of the most common reasons for separation from a joint family. Fights are less in nuclear families. Whereas, In a joint family, conflicts are more likely to occur due to differing opinions.

5. More independence

People in the nuclear family have more freedom of thought. Every member works and understands the responsibilities and also tries to be financially independent. In addition, there is more dependency on others in a joint family.


1. Lack of senior guidance

All the troubles of the family have to be faced alone by parents. In a joint family, Elders in a joint family are there to guide and help in difficult times. Guidance and support of elders are also very important for children.

2. Lack of good habits on kids

In old-time elders, took good care of young children and taught good habits to the children. But, now due to western culture, there has been a huge difference in the behavior of children. Children from nuclear families are less sociable in comparison to joint family children.

3. Loneliness

People in nuclear families are more likely to face loneliness. Loneliness is the most common thing in nuclear families. Any celebration that has to be celebrated alone brings little joy. The children of nuclear families are deprived of fun. 

4. Helpless elders

There is the worst thing for elders to be helpless in their last stage. The children of the nuclear families also grow up and leave their parents alone. Elders also need love and support from their children.

5. Lack of unity and difficulties in decision making

It is necessary to consult the members in many important decisions of life, but this is not possible due to lack of unity in the nuclear family. The members of the nuclear families have to face a lot of problems due to a lack of cooperation from each other.

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