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Self-employment in Uttarakhand

Self-employment in Uttarakhand

Self-employment in Uttarakhand means such work which people want to do with their interest. Basically, the population of this state mostly depends on agriculture. There is still a lack of employment for youth. So, The state government has launched many schemes. People who want to get financially strong and independent.  Due to the corona epidemic in the state of Uttarakhand, many people lost their jobs. People have to migrate from one place to another in search of new jobs. 

There are many businesses in Uttarakhand that can be started like, dairy business, fish farming, poultry, organic farming, stay home services, gardening, herbs production, and more. To prevent the speed of migration the Uttarakhand government has started many schemes for local people.

1.Mukhyamantri swarojgaar yojna

This scheme is launched in 2015 by the chief minister (Trivendra Singh Rawat). The main purpose is to promote local people’s skills and reduce unemployment in Uttarakhand. It will provide “bank loans” to people to start their businesses.

Objective: Stop migration from state and enhance job opportunities.

2. Solar energy scheme: Self- employment in UttarakhandThe state government has started the other scheme of the solar power plant building. Will be useful in building solar power plants and promoting the green revolution. In this, people can also produce multiple types of grains, vegetables, and fruits. It is a very good and “eco-friendly” scheme. People can buy land to do farming and for solar power plantations. The government will help to get loans to buy land for these startups. There is no age limit for this, people can apply online requests to start a self-business.

Objective: Solar power plant building and farming together.

3. Tourism self-employment scheme

Self- employment in UttarakhandUttrakhand state is a beautiful place for tourism. There are many places famous like Nainital, Haridwar, Almora, etc. Instead, there are many more unknown places that can also be the center of attraction of the people. 

Objective: Inviting people to feel natural beauty and promoting tourism.

4. Homestay scheme(Aawas Vikas Yojna)

Its goal is to arrange homestays for the convenience of visitors or tourists. Every year in the summer season, many tourists come to see the beauty of Uttarakhand. Training will be given to the people for the convenience of the tourists and proper arrangements for their food and drink. The government will give loans to build houses with modern facilities for shelter.

Objective: Improving the economy of state people and spreading of culture.

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